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Meet JB Borromeo

JB is one of the most sought after Filipino Motivational speaker who has trained highly international and local companies. He is also known as an excellent power speaker who inspires and empowers people through his speeches.

He was awarded as the Inspiring Author and Speaker for 2016 by Handog Inspirasyon. He is also the best selling author of Best You, Best Life – How to Activate Your Full Potential and Achieve Anything in Life, where he wrote about the right formula for success: special ability (your gifts and strengths) + special activity (your passion) = massive success and fulfillment.

He has been interviewed in several radio shows: SAKTO - DZMM Teleradyo, DZEC Radyo Agila, DZIQ Radyo Inquirer, DZME Radyo Uno, DZXL RMN Manila.

Over the past 10 years, he has been speaking to thousands all over the Philippines and abroad to share his message about Motivation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. He co-founded Gedula Training and Consulting Inc, a SEC registered consultancy in the Philippines.

His energy and passion when he speaks are what his audience love about JB.

What People Say About JB Borromeo:

"Sir JB is one of the most effective speakers out there. He has the ability  to connect with his trainees strongly and create programs and modules that are always relevant, and highly relatable.

He doesn’t just educate, he also inspires. He’s made to bring out the best in his students, clients and trainees."

- Billy Salcedo, Marketing Manager, Cable BOSS

"I am from Davao and travelled thousands of miles to attend JB’s seminar. He is an excellent mentor and trainer. 

I would definitely come back to Manila to attend his other seminars. 

Thank you JB!"

- Moods Zukarno, Manager BN

"Sir JB is such an inspiring speaker! When you listen to him, you’ll be empowered to realize your full potential."

- Julienne Isidro, De La Salle University

"Thank you so much Sir JB Borromeo for sharing your inspiring and motivating words to live by! 

I learned a lot and will apply the lessons I got during the seminar. 

Continue inspiring more individuals. God Bless!"

- Imee Reyes, Ateneo ComGuild


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