Can You Really Sell a Product You Haven’t Created Yet?

“Can you really sell a product that you haven’t created yet?”

This was a question asked by a member of the audience when I talked about “The Experts Business” in a conference.

My answer, a big “YES”.

The truth is, highly successful companies are doing this every single day.

Notice in Real Estate? They only show you the architectural perspective but all the units still gets sold out!

Notice also when tech companies are asking you to pre-order even before they launch? (and you did!)

Even exclusive restaurants and hotels, they invite you to book your reservations weeks before their first day.

The key is to “Pre-sell” (some call it “Pre-Offer” or “Pre-Launch”).

For us entrepreneurs, pre-selling our products presents a lot of great advantages.

#1 It validates our idea. The moment a “good number” of people buys during the pre-sell, it’s a positive sign the idea will be successful.

#2 We get a chance to save a lot of time and money. Because when nobody buys during the pre-sell, we can already evaluate if it’s wise to proceed or not.

#3 We also get to have advance capital for the creation of the product. The sales generated during pre-sell can be used to fund the idea.

#4 Plus! If you get to talk with your first batch of buyers and ask them for feedback, you’ll discover more ways to improve your product. Isn’t that great?!

I have used this strategy several times already and have proven that it works! Now you TRY it! 

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