Haven’t Found Your Purpose in Life? Ask and Seek

by JB Borromeo

You are destined to be Great.

We are all destined to be great. We just need to ask and seek so we find it.


This is about digging deep inside and searching for that innermost meaning.

The 5 Ws of questioning can be your tool:

Who are you now?
It’s like asking yourself about your achievements up to this point in time. When you’re able to realize what you’ve done so far and what you should do to make yourself better, you’ll be motivated to achieve your purpose. This is important because we are part of a society and the people are expecting us to perform, to excel, to show our potential, and to prove our worth. This is one reality of life that we have to accept.

What do you like to do?
Your answer should root from your passion. When we say passion, it is that activity you’re ready to perform, paid or not. It is something that you’re heart, mind, and soul are prepared without expecting any in return. In other words, it’s part of who you are, your innate inclination. List them all and pick your top three and start exploring them.

When should you take action?
Count the time you’ve lost, doing things that are outside your purpose. How many years are you like these and that? How much time will you need to act on your purpose? Let the lost time push you to begin your pursuit NOW.

Where will you start?
From within. You need to start with your own self by changing your mindset, attitude or personality. Passion and purpose becomes clear when you start believing in yourself.

Why find your purpose?
This is the only way that you will enjoy life and be excited about life. A happy and fulfilling life is the result of doing something you are passionate about, your purpose in life.


Think of a job applicant. He starts by asking himself about the work he likes to do, one that he’s competent with. After which, he looks for companies in need of such job. Same goes when you want to find your purpose. You have to search for it. And this can mean, trying out different sort of things. In other words, Act. You have to stand up and walk. This may not be easy but it will be worthwhile.

Okay. So it’s been years that you’ve been walking and searching for your purpose and up to now, there’s no sign whatsoever.

What will you do?

Keep asking and keep seeking.

It’s not going to be easy.. But DON’T GIVE UP! Examine your heart more. Explore more!

Eventually, life will give in and you will get the answer you are looking for.

Remember this:
     “You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously” (Steve Maraboli).

About the Author JB Borromeo