How to Control Your Future

Can you really? Let me share with you one thing I have been doing.

Before I begin a talk or training, I would always feel nervous. Especially if there are sophisticated and impossible to please people in the audience. Those who look like they are the experts in the topic and should be the one speaking in front. Others look angry because they were forced to attend the seminar. And lines like, “Is he the speaker? What can I learn from this young guy?”, “He looks like a waste of my time..” suddenly flood my mind.

But instead of imagining my students doubt or criticize me and let these thoughts intimidate me, I envision them having a fantastic time, learning so much and grateful at the end. I also create pictures of myself going crazy, jumping, dancing, surprising them with my performance and  exceeding their expectations.

The result, it really happens! (Please look at the comments below of my students)

jb borromeo no dull moment

jb borromeo keep inspiring

jb borromeo thank you

This is why I believe we have the power to control our future. How? By choosing the thoughts we create in our mind. Before doing any activity, fill your mind with positive and empowering thoughts. Imagine how you would like your activity to end. Like how would you like your presentation to end. That your clients would be very excited to partner with you in a project. Imagine that you would receive a excellent mark from a school requirement you have just submitted. The more clear and specific the more powerful.

Remember this, whatever you feed your mind, you will attract and your body will follow. Soon, it will become your reality.

If you let your mind think that you are lousy and worthless. Your body will feel tired and fatigued. And you will  lack energy. And you will be afraid and anxious to move. Surely, you will be lousy and worthless.

From now on, take charge of your thoughts. And take charge of your future.



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