Still Afraid to Act? Magnify Your Pain

Years ago, I worked for one of the top IT companies in the world.

A billion dollar worth company and part of Fortune’s top 50. Just a mere association with this company will skyrocket your market value as an IT practitioner.

Their office doors are so secured that before you can enter, the security system scans your face to validate. (okay, it’s just the picture in your ID, haha!).

Inside their hi-tech office, you’ll see the latest laptops and computers on top of stylish sophisticated sets of furniture.

     They have the fastest internet connection that websites load faster than the blink of an eye.

My salary that time, for a starter, was higher than the usual. This is why most IT graduates aspire to get into this company.

Despite of all these perks, I can’t find fulfillment in what I do.

There is a deep sense of loneliness.

I always hear myself saying, “My pocket was very happy but my heart was crying.”

It was mild at the beginning, so I ignored it.

Few more years passed and I became more stressed and uncomfortable. The feeling was like a monggo seed that grew and grew until it became so big like an Acacia tree. It even got to a point where I am dragging myself to go to work.

So finally, after five years of suffering, I resigned.

The pain of having another programming task is more intense than the fear of having no job at all. Too much pain pushed me to take the risk.

Here’s what I realized, if you are still afraid to move, magnify your pain to push you to act immediately.

Use your pain to help you start you journey towards real happiness and success.


If you are a student taking up a course that you do not like, imagine studying all the difficult subjects for two to three years more? And when you graduate, think of doing the job related to that course?

If you’re already a professional, imagine being at that same type of job until you grow old? Do you like what you felt?

Would you regret it, if you had not done anything or tried something else to pursue your fulfillment?

People usually get stuck where they are because they haven’t reached their threshold of pain yet.

They feel sad, lonely and unfulfilled but they are not doing anything because they can still tolerate the pain of having these feelings.

They haven’t felt that unbearable level of pain wherein they would say, “I don’t want this anymore. I’m getting out of here!”

You have to learn to say no more.

Get away from the pain of doing the same job.

Get away from the pain of being poor.

Get away from the pain of being unfulfilled.

Get away from the pain and move towards your passion.

And turn your struggles into your story of success!


About the Author JB Borromeo