The Tiny Feet Teaching Me How to Walk Differently in Life



Whenever I have the chance, I take him out in the efforts of nurturing him and teaching him something new.  This time it was very special because we had five days together in Baguio. When we came back to Manila, I realized it was me who learned important life lessons:

1. FOCUS ON THE GOOD – On our trip, there was a day when I woke him up a little early to enjoy the morning sun. He did not like that at all! Instead of being cranky over it the rest of the day, he chose to be happy and enjoyed the new experiences. He went out with me to the hilltops and enjoyed the view. No complaints. This made me realize that while we are complaining about all the bad things going on in our lives, we miss out on the good ones. The beautiful surroundings, the great relationships, and the material blessings. From now on, instead of focusing on the bad, channel your energies to the good and learn to appreciate more. This will open up more opportunities.

2. FACE LIFE FEARLESSLY – He is a little over one now and is braver when he approaches life. When I took him for the horse ride, I was half expecting him to be afraid of it. But I was in for a surprise. He took it like a challenge and came out smiling from it. This is how we need to be about life. Instead of being afraid, expect great things. Expect victory and success. Enjoy the moment.

3. BE WITH PEOPLE WHO WOULD SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE YOU – There were times when I got tired of long hours of driving and walking used to tire me out but my son. He would stay up all day long and enjoy every moment that came his way. His smile gave me the strength to move on and not give up.

Had it not been for Joaquin, I would have never gotten to learn all that I did in these five days. The trip was meant to be a new experience for him where he got see the places his daddy had been to, in his childhood. But the little kid turned it into a trip where he taught his big man life’s lessons that would help him prosper even further in all walks of life.

Since the day he came to my life, he has inspired me to be the best I can be.


About the Author JB Borromeo