Do you want to build a highly-profitable business around your expertise and experiences?

Do you want to discover your message that would create a positive impact to other people's lives?

Do you want to help and serve clients not just locally but also internationally?  

Do you want to scale your business such that it operates 24/7 even without you running it?

If you have a dream of starting and growing your Online Coaching & Training career, continue reading:

From the Desk of JB Borromeo:

Hi, my name is JB Borromeo, and I am in the coaching, speaking and information business. I help coaches, trainers, speakers and consultants, around the world How to turn their Expertise, Knowledge and Advice to information products that creates a positive impact and consistent income online and offline. 

You see, I discovered my passion in teaching 10 years ago. I fell in love with teaching that I left my IT career as a programmer to become a Full-Time college teacher.

I know! You might be thinking I was crazy (that's how all of the people around me said to me when I made the decision). But thank goodness I did! Because it opened so many more opportunities for me that I never thought possible!

Years ago when I first launched my virtual coaching business, nobody was paying attention.

Nobody subscribed to my online courses.

Nobody downloaded even my free gift! Ouch, it was very frustrating!! 

Thank goodness, I didn't give up!

Now, I finally figured out the strategies that's working.

This has helped me generate 6-figures of total online sales while stuck at home with just my laptop and internet connection.

This has helped me reach more local and international clients without the hassle and expense of travel. 

Plus, I have an additional 24/7 business without me running it! 

The truth is, what really fuels me in this business is the opportunity to serve and help my clients.

Not just locally but also internationally. Which is so amazing!

The income is a big reward but not as fulfilling as the thank you's and gratitude I receive from my clients and students:

The truth is, what really fuels me in this business is the opportunity to serve and help my clients.

The income is a big reward but not as fulfilling as the thank you's I receive from my clients and students. 

This is why, I want to share this milestone with you. 

I want to help you discover your message.

I want to help you create a positive impact to other people's lives through your advice and expertise. 

I want to help you explode your reach and build a profitable business from home.

May I introduce to you my:

The Virtual Coach Blueprint

"Now You Can Get Access To a 10-Part Simplified Training Series To Help You Start Your Own Online Coaching & Training Business While at Home Even If You Have Zero Followers"

Here are what you'll learn inside:

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    Module #1: Introduction: People are Willing To Pay For Your Expertise
  • Module #2: The Benefits of Selling Your Expertise 
  • Module #3: The Benefit from Passive Model of Selling Your Expertise
  • Module #4: Sell Your Personal Expert Brand
  • Module #5: Different Coaching Models and Strategies
  • Module #6: Coaching Models through Best-Selling Books/Ebooks
  • Module #7: Coaching Models through Video Courses
  • Module #8: Coaching Models through Scheduled Webinars
  • Module #9: Coaching Models through Live Webinars
  • Module #10: Offer One-on-One Coaching


5 Ways to Standout as a Coach

Must read 7-page report.  Make no mistake if you have any kind of expertise in any specialized area of knowledge, you can coach people online. You have to understand that we live in the modern world where specialization is extremely important.

Get Hired as a Coach Fast!

In just 5-minutes, discover the hacks how to launch your coaching business even for the first time! I know it can be terrifying. Even though you know that you have some good information to share, and know what you are doing, there is still the period of doubt that everyone faces. This will give you a new perspective.

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