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Can You Really Sell a Product You Haven’t Created Yet?

“Can you really sell a product that you haven’t created yet?” This was a question asked by a member of the audience when I talked about “The Experts Business” in a conference. My answer, a big “YES”. The truth is, highly successful companies are doing this every single day. Notice in Real Estate? They only show you the architectural perspective but all the units still gets sold out! Notice also when tech companies are asking you to pre-order even before they launch? (and you did!) Even exclusive restaurants and hotels, they invite you to book your reservations weeks before their first day. The key is to “Pre-sell” (some call it “Pre-Offer” or “Pre-Launch”). For us entrepreneurs, pre-selling our products presents […]

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The Tiny Feet Teaching Me How to Walk Differently in Life

  Whenever I have the chance, I take him out in the efforts of nurturing him and teaching him something new.  This time it was very special because we had five days together in Baguio. When we came back to Manila, I realized it was me who learned important life lessons: 1. FOCUS ON THE GOOD – On our trip, there was a day when I woke him up a little early to enjoy the morning sun. He did not like that at all! Instead of being cranky over it the rest of the day, he chose to be happy and enjoyed the new experiences. He went out with me to the hilltops and enjoyed the view. No complaints. This made me realize […]

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How to Start Your Day Right and End Fulfilled

Most of us go through our days without having a clear direction. So when the day ends, we go inside our room and lie on our beds, feeling we didn’t accomplish anything. Here are three simple things that you can start your day with so you’ll end up fulfilled, energized and ready for the next great day. 1. Be Grateful – look back, look around and appreciate the things you’re blessed with and those tasks that you have accomplished. 2. Remind Yourself of Your Goals – recall your mission or big dreams every morning so you’ll be able to filter out the distractions that delay your dreams. 3. Think of Three Activities that will get you Closer to your Dreams […]

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Haven’t Found Your Purpose in Life? Ask and Seek

by JB Borromeo You are destined to be Great. We are all destined to be great. We just need to ask and seek so we find it. photocredit  ASK. This is about digging deep inside and searching for that innermost meaning. The 5 Ws of questioning can be your tool: Who are you now? It’s like asking yourself about your achievements up to this point in time. When you’re able to realize what you’ve done so far and what you should do to make yourself better, you’ll be motivated to achieve your purpose. This is important because we are part of a society and the people are expecting us to perform, to excel, to show our potential, and to prove our […]

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How to Control Your Future

Can you really? Let me share with you one thing I have been doing. Before I begin a talk or training, I would always feel nervous. Especially if there are sophisticated and impossible to please people in the audience. Those who look like they are the experts in the topic and should be the one speaking in front. Others look angry because they were forced to attend the seminar. And lines like, “Is he the speaker? What can I learn from this young guy?”, “He looks like a waste of my time..” suddenly flood my mind. But instead of imagining my students doubt or criticize me and let these thoughts intimidate me, I envision them having a fantastic time, learning so […]

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Still Afraid to Act? Magnify Your Pain

Years ago, I worked for one of the top IT companies in the world. A billion dollar worth company and part of Fortune’s top 50. Just a mere association with this company will skyrocket your market value as an IT practitioner. Their office doors are so secured that before you can enter, the security system scans your face to validate. (okay, it’s just the picture in your ID, haha!). Inside their hi-tech office, you’ll see the latest laptops and computers on top of stylish sophisticated sets of furniture.      They have the fastest internet connection that websites load faster than the blink of an eye. My salary that time, for a starter, was higher than the usual. This is […]

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